Unbelievable taste. Exceptional quality.

We've poured our hearts into creating a menu that is every bit as good as the best barbeque you've ever had. And we do it every day, because our chefs are the masters. That's why almost every new customer that comes in has heard about us from someone else.

Hey, we like being a little known secret, the spot with a buzz around L.A., but we know that once you've tasted our food you won't be able to keep it a secret either.

With only the freshest ingredients, the best hand-selected meats, and recipes that took years to perfect, we aren't surprised at how often our customers tell us how much they love our food. And because we provide this taste and quality at such great value, we aren't surprised at how often they come back.

The Outdoor Grill was established in 1996 by Neil and Jeff Paul with the philosophy "Good food, fast", receiving sensational reviews from the L.A. Times, LA Weekly, Buzz Magazine, and Rave Magazine.